If They Can’t Learn The Way We Teach, We Teach the Way They Learn

- by O Ivar Loovas, Founder of Lovaas Approach in ABA Therapy.

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Our mission is to improve quality of life in children and parents who face challenges in various developmental and behavioral skills of life. Behavior Innovation is dedicated to empowering these children to achieve physical, Communication and social potentials.


To create a network of dedicated Behavior Analysts and Technicians To provide ABA Therapy to those who need it across the globe. 

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Behavior Innovations

Behavior Innovations is an ABA service provider that provides ABA Therapy and is dedicated to empowering children and families to achieve behavioral, communication, social and other developmental skills to the best of their abilities.


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Our courses

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English For Children

Free (12 weeks)

Basic Skills

$149 (12 weeks)

Intensive Course

$299 (20 weeks)

Mastering Grammar

$90 (20 weeks)

30-60-90 Business

$299 (24 weeks)

Language Studies

$355 (14 weeks)

Language Trainings

$99 (2 weeks)

Second Language

$425 (18 weeks)

Our facts

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Learning Prorammes
Language Trainings

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a complex developmental disorder characterized by impairments in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication skills, repetitive behaviors, sensory, fine and gross motor delays. Generally, the onset of symptoms of autism is prior to three years of age.

ABA Therapy

Children on the Autism Spectrum Disorder need multitude of therapies such as ABA Therapy. Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Social Skills Training, amongst others.


ABA Services, Anytime, Anywhere

The world has changed in a significant way in last few months due to Covid-19 Pandemic. Yours and your child’s routine has changed and we are here to help you navigate these challenging times.


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Fast and effective

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Great imagination

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